Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is The Dox Foundation?

The Dox Foundation is a 501c3 supporting opportunities for the Doximity community to improve the health of people in need. The Foundation funds flights for clinicians to go on medical mission trips. In return, grant recipients are required to share a trip recap and at least three trip photos with the Doximity and larger healthcare community.

What does types of trips does The Dox Foundation support?

The Dox Foundation sponsors flights for medical missions. Broadly speaking, The Foundation wants to help send clinicians to places where they can help patients with the most need. Grantees have traveled to places such as India, Uganda and Nicaragua to assist in the trenches and educate local clinicians.

Who can get funding for mission trips?

The Dox Foundation considers proposals from physicians, nurse practitioners, CRNAs, and physician assistants with a verified Doximity profile and a profile photo.

How can I get a grant?

It only takes a few minutes to apply. Start a trip proposal let us know where you are going and explain the goals of your trip. You must be a verified member of Doximity, with a profile photo before you can submit a proposal. You may not submit a proposal for a mission that begins later than 4 months from date of submission.

When should I apply?

The Dox Foundation considers mission trips that start within 4 months of the date the proposal is submitted. The site will not allow you to submit an application until your mission dates fall within that range.

How does The Dox Foundation make their selections?

The goal of The Dox Foundation is to fund as many applications as possible in support of clinicians pursuing medical missions. Selections are unbiased, but we strive for mission diversity. While we encourage repeat grantees, it is rare that The Dox Foundation will give a grant to an individual more than once in a calendar year.

Does the Dox Foundation ever fund a group going on a mission trip?

The Dox Foundation strives for a breadth of projects. Funding multiple people on a single mission has happened, but never more than 2-3 clinicians. If a group of clinicians submit proposals for the same mission, preference will be given to the individuals with the best proposal.

How much money does The Dox Foundation award?

The Dox Foundation provides grants of up to $2,000 per person for medical mission airfare. Flights must be booked through Navan, our online travel partner. The Foundation does not provide reimbursement for flights that have already been booked. Each individual who would like to receive a grant must fill out their own proposal.

Can I get flight funding for more than one person?

While we understand that medical missions are staffed by many people, we require that each individual who wishes to receive a grant apply separately.

If I have already received a Dox Foundation grant, can I still apply for another one?

Yes! We encourage repeat grantees. However it is rare that Dox Foundation will give a grant to an individual more than once in a 12 month period.


How do I edit my application after I've submitted?

Log on to the Dox Foundation website and go to your profile, where you will see your pending proposals. Simply select “edit”, and make the necessary changes.

When are selections made?

Trip proposals are reviewed and approved regularly. Recipients are notified of their selection by the 1st and 15th of each month.

What if I need an answer sooner than the review cycle?

We do our best to accommodate tighter schedules, but cannot make any guarantees. To be safe, please plan on submitting your flight proposal 3 weeks before needing to book a flight. If you are in a bind, please email requesting expedited review.


How do I book my flight?

All flights will be booked through Navan, the Foundation’s online travel partner. Once your trip proposal has been approved, you will receive two emails. One from your Dox Foundation Project Liaison confirming your acceptance. The second will be from Navan containing a link to purchase your flight.

Are there restrictions on flights?

Dox Foundation flights are restricted to coach class on a commercial airline that can be booked through our travel partner. Flights will be reviewed by your Project Liaison prior to purchase and destination city must match that of your trip. While Dox Foundation funds up to $2,000 per flight, it will only fund the amount of the flight. Any leftover money will be used to help a future clinician get to their mission destination.

What if the cost of my ticket exceeds the sponsorship limit?

Most single destination coach flights cost less than $2,000. All flights are reviewed by your Project Liaison. Should your flight exceed the sponsorship limit, you may be responsible for the overage.


What am I responsible for?

As a grant recipient, you are responsible for providing a trip recap and at least 3 photos of your trip (including one selfie!) when you return home. The best recaps follow the Dox Foundation’s guidelines.

Where will my photos and trip recap be posted?

Your trip recap and photos will be visible on Doximity’s newsfeed, with a goal of inspiring others to go on medical missions. Your trip may also be highlighted on The Dox Foundation website, which is visible to the public.

How quickly do I need to post my trip recap?

We ask that you upload photos and complete your trip recap within a week of your return. We will send an email to remind you after you get settled back into life.