Daniel Chan, MD
Daniel Chan, MD
Family Medicine · Los Alamitos, CA

Overseas Misson to Cambodia

January 25th
Banteay Meanchey Province, Cambodia

Project Description

I will be going on a medical mission to Cambodia in January 2023, to provide free medical care to underserved people in a remote province called Banteay Meanchey. With a team of physicians, surgeons, dentists, we expect to treat acute diseases and initiate treatment and educate on chronic diseases. Our surgeons and dentists will be well equipped to perform dental reconstructions, major surgeries and minor surgeries. We will provide prostheses to many amputees who suffered landmine injuries. And we will provide the much needed education on managing chronic diseases, disease prevention, and access to local health services. Our motto is "promoting health through service and education", and we believe we will make a great impact on every patient we service, while we will be blessed with the opportunity to serve.

Population Served

We select this remote province to be able to make a significant impact to the underserved population that has very little access and knowledge to health care. They will benefit from medical treatment, surgical treatment, and dental treatment. They will also receive prostheses, eye glasses, vitamins, and health education.

Expected Impact

We expect to see improved quality of life through dental reconstructions, surgical repairs of hernias, tumors, and wounds. We expect to see heightened individual awareness on health care and prevention. We expect continued care with local providers on chornic diseases that we diagnose and initiate treatment on. We will learn a lot on disparity of health care, we will learn disease belief model in other people, and we will be enriched with our experiences with the people we help, and be blessed with the expression of gratitude from each individual.

Trip Photos & Recap

My trip with the Cambodian Health Professionals Association of America was absolutely wonderful. It really filled my soul. We provided free medical, dental, surgical, educational services to the underserved population of the Banteay Meanchey province in Cambodia. We made diagnosis through history and physical, honing in on this long lost skill of a clinician. We had portable xrays and ultrasound as added diagnostic tools. We performed dental extractions and fillings, fixed hernias and uterine/bladder prolapses, removed tumors, fitted some prosthetic hands, provided reading glasses, and dispensed vitamins and toothbrushes to the younger ones. The people were extremely grateful, it didn't take much for them to be so happy. It was a wonderful experience I will always cherish. Thank you.