Robert Negrin, MD
Robert Negrin, MD
Hematology · Stanford, CA

CHPAA (Combodian Health Association)

January 17th
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Project Description

I wish to participate in the medical mission of the Cambodian Health Professionals Association of America and am asking for support to travel from San Francisco to Phnom Penh. On this trip I will see hundreds of poor Cambodians seeking medical advice and educate Cambodian medical students who are our translators. I hope to provide free health care to these individuals as well as help educate the next generation of Cambodian health professionals.

Population Served

Poor people of Cambodia. These populations are of particular need due to their inability to pay for medical care in Cambodia. As a hematologist I can bring special skills to this needy population. For example in years past I helped diagnosis and treat a number of people with hematological disorders which were difficult if not impossible to diagnose and treat due to challenges in accessing health professionals in Cambodia. I will also provide education to the many students who serve as our translators. From past Missions many have become active professionals in their host countries whom I have helping in their professional careers.

Expected Impact

I hope to provide care to a broad range of needy patients and perhaps provide specialized diagnosis and care to those with hematological disorders like in past Missions. I hope to meet new students, provide teaching while seeing patients and deliver several talks on hematological disorders to these students.

Trip Photos & Recap

We had an awesome trip treating thousands of patients with a broad range of issues. Some were just concerned about there overall health and wanted to be check and some others with serious conditions that were referred to Phnom Penh. For me a major goal was to work with our Cambodian medical school students who served as our translators and colleagues. Thank you for your generous support which allowed us to touch the lives of so many.