Ramu Kharel, MD
Ramu Kharel, MD
Emergency Medicine · Dallas, TX

Emergency Care Training

March 16th

Project Description

The purpose of this trip is to go on a ultrasound training trip to Asia. F First, I am joining the Canadian CPOCUS group as an instructor for their course in Bahrain from March 16-19. After the trip in Bahrain, I stop by Lahore, Pakistan to conduct a basic life support training, from March 20-24. After that, I will go to Kathmandu, Nepal, to conduct emergency trauma care training in April. The purpose of the trip is to equip emergency physicians in ultrasound, and trauma care. Emergency care is at its infant stages in South Asia, and especially in Nepal. The training I provide will allow physicians in Asia to learn important skills that could be replicated in their settings. The travel support from Doximity would allow me to provide multiple trainings during my trip at multiple sites.

Population Served

Emergency care providers in rural settings. The Bharain course brings rural care providers from Nepal and provides them training on emergency ultrasound. The Pakistan course focuses on basic life support training in rural Lahore. And, the trauma care training in Nepal focuses on community health workers advancement of knowledge. These are all providers who provide the critical emergency care across the world, but don't have adequate training opportunities in the mentioned fields. These providers, and ultimately, the patient receiving service from these patients will benefit from my project.

Expected Impact

The expected impact of this will be the knowledge gain of important emergency care topics. Further down the line, this has potential impact other learners who will receive secondary training in LMICs. This is the ultimate potential benefit to patient care and emergency care.

Trip Photos & Recap

Thanks to Doximity Foundation for supporting this global health trip to Pakistan and Nepal. During the first week of trip on Pakistan, I was able to engage with leaders in CPR/BLS training with the Pakistan Life Saver's program, and participate in a CPR/BLS training program. The goal was to learn from Pakistan's programs for regional collaboration in Nepal. During my time in Pakistan, I was invited to a morning talk show to discuss the importance of CPR/BLS training. In Nepal, I inaugurated Nepal's CPR/BLS/Choking program in the first part of the trip. After that, I traveled to Achham, Nepal to launch a trauma training program for community health workers. The last part of the trip was spent working on initiating a poison information center in Nepal. Overall, this trip was focused on projects improving emergency care in Nepal through training, program implementation, and collaboration. I trained police officers, army, community health workers and medical professionals during this trip, and continued a collaboration for long term education and research. I would like to thank the Dox Foundation for the travel support.