Zari Cain-Akbar, DO
Zari Cain-Akbar, DO
Neurology · Austin, TX

Neurology in Kenya

March 31st
Eldoret, Kenya

Project Description

In April of 2022, I was the first resident from my residency to go to Kenya with AMPATH. Moi University in Eldoret, Kenya is trying to build a neurology training program because there is currently only one program (that takes one person annually and just opened last year) in the entire country and there are currently no adult neurologists practicing in Eldoret. When I returned to the states, I (along with a colleague in Indiana) began designing a neurology teaching curriculum that we deliver via Zoom every other Tuesday morning. I have the opportunity to return to Eldoret this April, 2023 and continue this important work, along with teaching the medical students and residents on rounds at the hospital. This will provide opportunities for clinical engagement and I am also going to be working on medication procurement because access to critical neurological meds is really tough for this population. Thus far, we have shown that we are positively impacting their education by showing that they have been retaining what's been taught in the lectures. I'll be opening a rural neurology practice in North Carolina when I graduate in June of 2023 but I intend to continue returning to Kenya annually and assist in building this training program.

Population Served

I am serving patients and learners in Kenya, this area in particular serves several million people as it is a referral teaching hospital. I will be building the first neurology practice in a rural area in NC, and my learning from the rural populations in Kenya will directly influence this. I find that I take more learning than I give, haha. I adore the population in Eldoret and am so eager to see them graduate their first neurologists that will serve their community going forward.

Expected Impact

I am hopeful that the work I get to be a part of in Eldoret will continue to attract people into the underserved field of neurology. I am eager to become part of the team that will build this training program in Eldoret and I know that my annual return trips will continue to inform me as a rural neurologist, stateside as well. I dream of the day that they will no longer need neurologists from other countries because they will have a full department of Kenyan trained neurology faculty at their disposal : )

Trip Photos & Recap

This was my 2nd time to Eldoret, Kenya. On this trip, I worked with the registrars, teaching them neurology, but I also spent time at the Shoe4Africa Children's hospital, learning and consulting on patients with neurological illness. Pictured are my team members and 2 special ladies, Mary & Margaret, whom I've been building relationship with for the past 2 years. These women are dear to my heart. Back stateside, I'll be continuing to teach their neurocurriculum via Zoom biweekly and I'll be joining them in monthly meetings to discuss pharmaceutical procurement with regards to neuro drugs. This trip wouldn't have been possible without you, Doximity, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Asante Sana,