Sneha Chittabathini, DO
Sneha Chittabathini, DO
Resident Physician · Riverhead, NY

Guyana 2023

March 27th
Georgetown, Guyana

Project Description

The plan of the project is to continue a partnership with Guyana to provide advanced medical care to underserved populations. This will allow the people of the community to get health care right to their own neighborhood without having to travel to the 'city' or having to pay for the services provided; such as but not limited to medical checks and medication distribution, and also donating pieces of medical equipment. This project will not only provide enhanced care but also allow resident physicians like myself to develop cultural understanding and train in tropical medicine.

Population Served

The population that will benefit are the underserved population in Guyana, where health care is far and expensive. Normally for patients that require care in Georgetown, travel to the capital city sometimes means a two-day journey by ATV, boat, or in more dire cases, getting there in a small fixed wing aircraft. The aim of this project is to increase secondary hospital care, which generally consists of one emergency room bay and one operating room.

Expected Impact

The biggest impact will be to address disparities in Guyana by supporting and enhancing a variety of services but also looks to address disparities here in New York by broadening cross-cultural understanding with the communities of Little Guyana in Queens — as well as surrounding neighborhoods that makeup the fifth largest immigrant population in New York City. I am hoping that I will be able to use the experiences and knowledge I learn and apply it to the increasing refugee and immigrant population in the USA. Especially in NY where the number of foreigners is constantly growing. I am hoping that by treating medical conditions endemic to a different region, I will be able to bring different techniques and approaches and apply them to my medical practice. This would allow for a different perspective and possibly help catch medical conditions that I might have missed prior.

Trip Photos & Recap

I was able to work at mutiple health clinics in Georgetown Guyana. I was able to learn about different diagnosing techniques and also teach the medical providers the skills I have that they do not really know.