Kathleen Hoff, PA
Kathleen Hoff, PA
Physician Assistant · Atlanta, GA

Colorectal Team Overseas

May 26th
Oslo, Norway, Oslo, Norway

Project Description

I will be part of a team of surgeons from urology, general surgery and gynecology as well as nurses and advanced practice providers. We will be seeing children born with colorectal anomalies and Hirschsprung disease, doing their surgeries and then caring for these children after surgery. The most incredible part of this trip is the teaching component that goes along with it. The surgeons teach the surgeons in these areas and the nurses and advanced practice providers work with the nurses and pediatricians caring for these children so that when we leave, they will be able to continue care and surgical care of these special children. CTO believes that
hosting educational courses, hands on teaching in the operating room and in the hospital afnd helping assist with patient's care will result in a better equipped team for management of these patients all over the world.

Population Served

Surgeons, nurses and pediatrician in the developing world will benefit from our group providing education and teaching surgical techniques so they are equipped to care for this incredibly underserved patient population; but, most importantly, newborns, children and their famlies will benefit. Infants and children born with complex colorectal malformations are a "forgotten population". the colorectal malformations requiring delicate surgical skill and training so these chldren can have functional outcomes and lead healthy lives both physically and socially. They are a wonderful group to work with. I have been engaged in their care for 21 years in the United States and look forward to sharing my skillset with these amazing providers, children and families.

Expected Impact

Colorectal team overseas has impacted many communities around the world as they travel approximately every 4 months to different continents and regions teaching and educating physicians and nurses. CTO provides a long term impact by giving skills to the medical providers in these countries to care for this incredible group of patients. Our goal is accomplished by performing 5-10 surgeries a day over the course of 1-2 weeks. The focus is on performing the types of cases that come up frequiently to help the local surgeons and nurses improve the quality of care they can offer this unique group of pediatric surgical patients. We strive to both anatomically repair the congenital malformations and also to achieve the best possible functional outcome.

Trip Photos & Recap

This was an incredible trip. We spent a week teaching surgeons, nurses and wound ostomy nurses pre op, intraoperative and post operative care of an amazing and complicated group of children who required complex surgical interventions.
In addition, as a team we learned an extraordinary amount about other hospital systems, patient care and medications used that are different to treat these patients. We collaborated and were successful in this collaboration to provide the best possible care for this unique group of patients. Thank you Doximity for this incredible opportunity.