Brenda (Sparrow) Middlebrooks
Brenda (Sparrow) Middlebrooks
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner · Atlanta, GA

Yantalo Pediatric Surgical Mission

June 2nd
Tarapoto, Peru

Project Description

Provide pediatric general surgical care for underserved pediatric population in collaboration with Yantalo Clinic under the direction of Dr. Luis Vasquez in Moyabamba, Peru in June 2023. This care includes hernia repairs, orchiopexies, ostomy creation, ostomy takedown, and other procedures.

Population Served

the children served are those who are unable to afford surgical care and live far from the major city of Lima Peru where this care could be provided.

Expected Impact

Many of the patients will not require follow up. There are serveral partnerships serving this community. They include 4 US based Children hospitals who coordinate care, the local hospital in Moyabamba and the main clinic in Yantalo.

Trip Photos & Recap

Yantaló Pediatric Surgical Mission
The Yantaló clinic is an international volunteer-run hospital providing healthcare for all, regardless of their ability to pay. Rotating volunteer medical mission teams travel to Yantaló to provide care unavailable in the region. Our medical team comprises healthcare providers and medical students from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the Emory Healthcare System. This year’s rotation was June 3-June 10, 2023. Before our arrival, the Yantaló Clinic staff comprised a list of potential surgical procedures and follow-up care. The surgeon and anesthesia teams provided a surgical clinic to determine patients’ surgical needs and health status.
Of the twenty-six patients listed, four patients were unable to attend the clinic, nine were treated with observation, and eleven were scheduled for surgery. Imaging studies needed were obtained, the operating room, anesthesia equipment, and supplies were inventoried and inspected for readiness. The patients’ next step was scheduling and giving pre-surgical instructions on arrival times and when to stop eating and drinking. The schedule was finalized.
Many patients traveled 1 to 5 hours for the procedures and needed financial support for transportation and imaging studies. Children with bowel management concerns had difficulty navigating toilet time using pit latrines. We are indebted to our interpreters/translators, especially for family teaching on anal dilatation, enema administration, and bowel management regimens. Follow-up via face time is to be completed within three weeks after our return to the US.
This is my fourth year attending this mission, and I look forward to next year. I am grateful for these opportunities to share life experiences with others as we partner together to improve the lives of each other. Some medical challenges and obstacles are insurmountable, but I appreciate being part of the experience of love, hope, and togetherness. May many others participate in medical missions. One of the greatest adventures in life awaits you!
I sincerely thank Dox Foundation and the sacrificial giving of those who made this opportunity possible.
Brenda Middlebrooks