Leslee Cochrane, MD
Leslee Cochrane, MD
Family Medicine · Murrieta, CA

Medic Training in Shan State of Myanmar (Burma)

October 27th
Pegu, Myanmar (Burma)

Project Description

I will be providing a two week training on the management of shock and trauma including wound care to the Medic training program located in the Southern Shan State of Myanmar. This is a part of an 8 month long medic training program run by Partners Relief and Development in conjunction with the Southern Shan State Medical Council. The program trains medics to deploy and serve as village healthcare workers to the undeserved rural areas within the Southern Shan State of Myanmar. The training includes lectures, workshops and doing hospital rounds daily.

Population Served

I have been participating in this program each year since 2009, with the exception of last year when a family medical emergency required me to cancel. There are approximately 20-25 Medics trained by the program each year and I have really enjoyed building many relationships over the years. The Medics trained by this program during the past several years are currently serving as Village Healthcare workers through out rural Southern Shan State and in most cases are the only access Villagers have to receive medical care. They provide vital life saving medical care under difficult circumstances and it is a real honor to be an instructor in this program.

Expected Impact

The current program trains first year medics as well as selected students to serve as second year/advanced medics who go on to serve as house staff for the clinic and inpatient unit. These medic training program is the only organized health training program for the region and the medics are the front line health care workers for the entire region and have made an incredible impact on the region.

Trip Photos & Recap

My trip was to provide support as part of an 8 month training program for medic students. During the two week training we cover basic first aid for shock and trauma. The medic students learn how to treat shock, place IV's, insert foley catheters, splint fractures, drain abscesses and suture lacerations. After completing the 8 month training program, some of the medic students will go on to receive advanced training and others will return to their homes to serve as village healthcare workers. The program provides access to basic medical care to medically underserved rural villages in the Southern Shan State.