Anushree Nair, DO
Anushree Nair, DO
Family Medicine · Kent, WA

Triage in Bayalpata

May 1st
Achham, Nepal

Project Description

The purpose of this trip is to go to Bayalpata hospital in Nepal and help them organize and institute a triage system for pediatrics and adults. This will help people in greatest need get medical care as quickly as possible and eliminate delays in care that lead to poor outcomes. This hospital is a very rural and resource limited hospital handling mostly trauma cases. Working in conjunction with the HAPSA organization in Nepal I will be able to help institute this triage system to create lasting and sustainable improvements in the quality of care they are able to provide the community.

Population Served

The rural and underserved community around Accham district of Nepal

Expected Impact

The impact is expected to be improved patient outcomes as those needing the most urgent care will not experience delays.

Trip Photos & Recap

After spending about 10 days at Bayalpata Hospital in Nepal, I was able to help institute a triage protocol for the emergency room. This hospital is working on becoming more organised so they can expand their operations and provide quality care to the surrounding population. By instituting protocols like this they are making progress to this goal. They will improve patient outcomes by ensuring people are getting time sensitive care. Previously when crowds of people would arrive at once to the ER they did not have an organised way to manage patients which led to delays in care. Now all ER staff has been trained and is in agreement with this new triage protocol. Research to ensure quality control and that the system is working efficiently will be ongoing by the staff at the hospital. Ultimately we hope that both the staff in the hospital, the patients and surrounding community of the hospital have been positively impacted by this program.