Andrew Brock, MD
Andrew Brock, MD
Gastroenterology · Charleston, SC

Central America Outreach and Endoscopy

July 8th
Atitlán, Guatemala

Project Description

Provide endoscopic services to underserved persons in rural Guatemala.

Population Served

Persons living in rural Guatemala have limited access to health care, particularly procedures such as endoscopy, including upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. These procedures can offer significant improvement in quality of life, as well as life saving therapeutic interventions and diagnostic capabilities.

Expected Impact

We will provide much needed endoscopic services to persons in Guatemala who otherwise would not have access to these procedures. This group has provided this service in Guatemala since 2019 and will continue to do so moving forwards.

Trip Photos & Recap

Locals in the Atitlan region of Guatemala who have no access to Gastroenterologists and the procedures we perform, such as upper endoscopy and colonoscopy.