Afrin Kamal, MD
Afrin Kamal, MD
Gastroenterology · Redwood City, CA

MedWish Brigade: Dominican Republic

July 4th
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Project Description

Through MedWish, an International Humanitarian Aid Program, I will participate in a medical mission trip among healthcare providers, to serve the needs of patients in the Dominican Republican. As a volunteer, among other healthcare providers, we will facilitate free clinics to provide free medical care and improve access to those who may be challenged financially. The trip will run from July 4-9, 2023.

Population Served

We will serve the local population of the Dominican Republic. This country is located in the Caribbean, with a population over 10.2 million. Among this population, almost 1/3 live below the poverty line and therefore have limited access to healthcare. These are some of the poorest individuals in the world, who are in need of quality of medical care. Further, as younger generations witness this aid through the brigade, my aim is this will also inspire the next generation of individuals to work and create a better community in the Dominican Republic. May this be by becoming a physician, nurse, or even volunteer. These are small efforts that in hope will create a big impact over the coming years.

Expected Impact

The expected impact is to serve the community of the Dominican Republic, providing free healthcare at the highest quality achievable with the limited resources. As a board-certified gastroenterologist and internal medicine physician, I will provide a wide range of medical care. Exposure to this population and geography will expand my knowledge in areas of gastroenterology I currently feel less experienced in, such as tropical disease and enteric infections. Further, as an active learner of Spanish, this experience will enable me to widen my skills in Spanish to be applied for when I return. Living in Northern California, I am exposed to many Spanish-speaking patients and yet feel challenged in my degree of communication. A medical brigade in the Dominican Republic will not only enhance my knowledge in medical Spanish, but my confidence in communicating with patients as well.

Trip Photos & Recap

The Dominican Republic was an amazing place to participate in a medical brigade! We worked in a remote village within the island, managing over 400 patients within 3 days of the clinic. It was quite busy, but very fulfilling. Our clinic was located in an old church, and managed patients with various medical ailments, ranging from arthritic pain to vaginal infections. Thank you to the DoxFoundation for allowing me this incredible opportunity, and look forward to future brigades and provide care to those in need!