Khaalisha Ajala, MD
Khaalisha Ajala, MD
Internal Medicine · Atlanta, GA

Emory Health Against Human Trafficking

June 14th
Chiang Saen District, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Project Description

Hi! I'm Dr. Khaalisha Ajala and I am an assistant professor of medicine at Emory University School of Medicine. I am a hospitalist and faculty advisor to Emory Health Against Human Trafficking (EHAHT). EHAHT is a student organization within the Emory University SOM dedicated to addressing the global impacts of human trafficking. Founded in 2008, we serve in Thailand for 1 week. Our annual trip continued until 2019 and was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are excited to be back and serve.

We fund raise for medical supplies, medications, health maintenance items and public health information, and cost of travel for multiple translators. The rest of the trip is self funded such as flight and accommodations.

EHAHT is a non-profit organization under the 501(c)(3) Emory University EIN 58-0566256

Population Served

Each summer, a team of medical students and faculty physicians travel to Chiang Saen, Thailand, to provide health screening and annual exams at Ban Kru Nam, a home for children who were previously trafficked or are at high risk of being trafficked and sexually exploited. We also provide clinical consultations and physical exams for an adult clinic for community members. Physicians and students perform health check-ups, address basic medical problems, and conduct health education sessions for the children, staff, and adults in the surrounding community.

Expected Impact

We provide much needed preventative healthcare, health education and connection. Not only are we able to provide care but we are able to refer the children to the local hospital if needed. We document the clinic visit in the children's and adults medical records which are kept by staff of both the home and the clinic respectively. This will be helpful to clinicians to whom they might be referred. We also follow up on conditions diagnosed or managed. Lastly, we make real connections with the community, children and staff. A few have turned into friendships with lead organizers via WhatsApp. We were able to keep in touch and check up on the children during the pandemic.

Trip Photos & Recap

Emory Health Against Human Trafficking was founded in 2008 and we continue to serve in 2023. During the COVID-19 pandemic were not able to provide health screening and services from 2020- 2022. The year is now 2023 and we are back! Baan Kru Nam is home to many young children and staff who may not have monetary riches but live with an abundance of love and care. My team and I were elated to offer medical care, donations and medical supplies which along with community donations help to sustain them. We provided healthcare to over 30 adults and over 83 children. Each time I return, I am reminded of my purpose as a human being and as a physician and that is to always give back. Thank you, Doximity, for your support.