Charlotte Roy, MD
Charlotte Roy, MD
Emergency Medicine · Loma Linda, CA

Teaching Emergency Medicine residents in Kigali

October 13th
Kigali, Rwanda

Project Description

This will be my third trip to Rwanda to support the emergency medicine residency at CHUK in Kigali. I work 5-6 days a week in the emergency department doing hands-on clinical teaching with the residents, including ultrasound teaching. I also help with weekly conference lectures. There are only three attendings for the whole department, so the residents do not always get enough teaching time. By being there, I increase their educational time and lighten the load for the Rwandan attendings.

Population Served

CHUK is a public teaching hospital in Kigali, Rwanda. The hospital serves Rwandan patients who live locally as well as complex patients transferred in from district hospitals across the country. They see a large volume of trauma patients, burn patients, and patients with critical medical illness.

Expected Impact

I know the residents well and have a good relationship with them. I will be doing bedside education with all residents who are on service, with a focus on building the skills of the new interns. This residency produces generation after generation of emergency medicine specialists who go on to deliver high-quality emergency care across the country.

Trip Photos & Recap

I worked with over 20 emergency medicine residents at CHUK in Rwanda, including bedside teaching and conference lectures. I also conducted a two day ultrasound workshop for first-year residents.