Nhung Ho, PA
Nhung Ho, PA
Dermatology · Kirkland, WA

Cusco, Peru - International Medical Relief

December 24th
Cusco, Peru

Project Description

I and my IMR team will provide medical care to various communities surrounding the city of Cusco and in the Sacred Valley. The indigenous people of Peru are in dire need of outside medical assistance to help improve the quality of their lives. Communicable diseases are the leading cause of death throughout the nation. I will be joining IMR to help provide quality medical care in underserved and vulnerable communities. We will educate locals on how to stay healthy and how to care for their loved ones. Together, we will treat a wide variety of acute and chronic illnesses including dengue fever, yellow fever, zika, malaria, and illness related to poor drinking water quality.

Since infections are common as well, my dermatology experience will provide profound assistance.

Population Served

The location of Cusco, Peru is in a highly seismically active area and makes the community vulnerable and more susceptible to diseases.

The mobile clinics offer assistance to the indigenous children, women, families, the elderly, and other in-need populations.

Expected Impact

Since IMR provides free global healthcare, all community members in Cusco are encouraged to attend. The impact will be profound especially in the dermatology specialty as diseases, infections are common occurrences.

Through IMR, we will continue to strengthen the relationship with the community and provide community health training, medical treatments, medical supplies and equipment, and clinic operations.

Trip Photos & Recap

In a matter of 4 days, we saw over 500 people, many of whom are Quechua. The Quechua people are indigenous South Americans who have poor access to healthcare. Through IMR, we saw a diverse range of health concerns from dental issues to GI, musculoskeletal, dermatology, pain and more.