Brandon Esianor, MD
Brandon Esianor, MD
Otolaryngology (ENT) · Nashville, TN

Bengaluru, India Pediatric Otolaryngology

May 31st
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Project Description

I plan to accompany my fellowship mentor, the internationally reputable airway surgeon Dr. Deepak Mehta, on an established global health mission in Bengaluru, India. My primary role will be that of an educator and assistant for patient-related matters. During this trip, our team will treat patients with complex airway pathology. The mission, with a well-established reputation, has been running for years and draws surgeons from across India. They come to participate, collaborate, and learn how to improve patient outcomes in their respective hospitals.

Population Served

The primary beneficiaries of this project will be the children of Bengaluru and surrounding cities, specifically chosen due to the prevalence of complex Pediatric ENT-related disorders in the region. By addressing the healthcare needs of these children, our mission aims to make a lasting impact on their lives.

Expected Impact

The expected impact of this trip is twofold. Firstly, it will directly benefit the children and their families in Bengaluru and surrounding areas by addressing complex Pediatric ENT-related disorders. On a broader scale, this experience will serve as a crucial foundation for me to initiate similar healthcare initiatives in Ghana.

Having spent my formative years in Accra from ages 2-8, and with a majority of my family residing in the region, I am aware of the healthcare gaps, particularly the absence of fellowship-trained Pediatric Otolaryngologists in the entire country. My goal is to leverage the insights gained from the well-established infrastructure in Bengaluru, which has led to significant medical impact and attracted volunteers nationwide. Upon my return, I plan to apply this knowledge to develop a similar program in Ghana.

Already establishing connections at the country's largest teaching hospital, Korle Bu, the next phase involves constructing a comprehensive plan for impact. This initiative aims to fill the existing healthcare void in Ghana and contribute to the development of a sustainable and effective program in Pediatric Otolaryngology, benefiting children in need across the region

Trip Photos & Recap

My trip to India was an extraordinary experience. I was impressed by the organization and efficiency of this amazing global health initiative.

We spent our time at Manipal Hospitals, part of the largest corporate hospital system in India. Remarkably, individuals within this hospital system raise funds to provide free surgical treatment for children with airway disorders across India.

During the brief five-day visit, we encountered numerous patients with complex airway anomalies. Notably, we performed surgery on three patients with partial laryngeal atresia, a condition associated with 22q11 deletion syndrome, which has a reported incidence of 1:50,000. Additionally, we treated a patient with a type three laryngeal cleft and an associated complete membranous trachea.

While the complexity of these cases was both mentally and technically stimulating, what truly impressed me was the dedication of ENT surgeons from across India who traveled to Bangalore to learn from our team. Their commitment to improving patient care in their respective communities was inspiring. In an effort to instill confidence in the surgeons caring for the patients long after our departure, the majority of surgeries were performed by junior faculty and residents who had been managing these patients. The benefit of hands-on experience with appropriate oversight cannot be understated.

We concluded two out of our five days by attending conferences. One was hosted by a local ENT group, and the other was sponsored by the hospital system. Both meetings offered a multidisciplinary approach, involving ENT specialists, general surgeons, pediatricians, cardiologists, and pulmonologists, all collaborating to care for patients with airway issues.

This trip provided me with great insight into what it takes to deliver global health services that have a lasting impact on the community, physicians, and hospital systems. Additionally, the cultural immersion and amazing food enriched the experience, making it even more memorable.