Shelly Bellmer-Dale
Shelly Bellmer-Dale
Family Nurse Practitioner · Petoskey, MI

Mission to Haiti

September 15th
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Project Description

Our plan is to go to Haiti and do physicals on the children there. We will also have to opportunity to help people that do not get medical attention as we go into some of the remote villages. We educate the Haitian people regarding STD’s and ways to avoid them and also how you get them. By doing this it helps to promote the health of their country, we are able to identify those that have medical needs and getting them help quicker.

Population Served

The children in the villages and there family members. Also the staff that I will be working with at the clinic.

Expected Impact

I hope to expand the knowledge of the medical staff at the Mission based clinic while I am there so that they are able to identify emergent situations vs no emergent.

Trip Photos & Recap

Staff Education
Our first day was spent working with the staff at the clinic. We reviewed medications, observed a physical exam and gave feedback related to medications and assessments.

We spent time organizing their medications and reviewing with them why they would give a specific medication. We talked about antibiotic resistance and about only giving antibiotics when necessary. We talked about classes of Medications and how if a. patient is allergic to penicillin than they can’t take amoxicillin.

While in Haiti we spent two days in the clinic on the compound with the clinic staff. The first day was education and the second day was to see some of the people in the community. I worked with Marlaine, RN and Dr. Lens. Dr. Lens is a Haitian physician that sees patients one day a week in the clinic. Marlaine is a registered nurse that would like to become a nurse practitioner. I was asked to review a patients x-ray in which the child has one leg shorter than the other.

While there we also traveled to two villages to see sponsor children. For the sponsor children, we did physicals and assessed their nutrition. We provided vitamins, tooth brushes and tooth paste. If there were any sick children we provided them with the necessary medications. We set up make shift clinics in the churches which were connected to the schools.