Pamela Prag
Pamela Prag
Certified Nurse Midwife · Aurora, CO

Partnership development with Haitian run NGO

October 13th
Cap-Haitien, Haiti

Project Description

We have been asked by 2nd Mile Haiti to provide infrastructure support for their birth center and the training of their local Haitian midwives. I am planning to utilize this trip to meet our in country partners and staff as well as evaluate needs for future education. It is our goal to collaborate over the next 5 years, at least, in order to impact the maternal morbidity and mortality rates in Northern Haiti. Our aim is to improve human capacity through evidence based practice trainings targeting Maternal and Newborn health as in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Population Served

Women and newborns of northern Haiti will benefit from this work. This area is being targeted based on our in country partner and the needs that they have specifically identified.

Expected Impact

The expected impact will be to note a reduction of maternal morbidity rates over the next 5 years specifically identified by our host organization. Additionally, we have been asked to provide training on family planning technology. We expect that to impact the rates of unintended pregnancy trending over the next 5 years as well. Finally, we intend to provide training to the midwives working at the Birth Center specifically bleeding after birth, which certainly will impact maternal mortality rates as well.

Trip Photos & Recap

Doximity made it possible for my colleague and myself to partner with Second Mile Haiti and provide IUD trainings for 3 Haitian midwives. As well, we were able to provide inservice training on 1st and 3rd trimester ultrasound techniques. Additionally, we had the rich opportunity to provide mentorship around case review and how to improve patient care through intentional collaborative discussions. Protocols were written and reviewed with our in country partners. Because of the generosity of the Doximity Team, we were able to have this intensive experience that allowed face to face education and training that is essential to the growth of these women caring for their own community members with intentions of impacting maternal/child health in rural Haiti. Thank you SO much for this remarkable gift!