Adeola Kosoko, MD
Adeola Kosoko, MD
Emergency Medicine · Chicago, IL

Pediatric Emergencies Curriculum

November 4th
Belize City, Belize

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to develop a pediatric emergencies curriculum that will be offered to practitioners (nurses and physicians) at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize and other referring centers to standardize care of the acutely ill or injured pediatric patient. The modular curriculum will be multi-modal, composed of didactics, small-group sessions, and medical simulations. We anticipate educating around 75 local practitioners with this curriculum.

Population Served

The direct benificiearies of this project are the emergency and acute care providers of Belize who attend the course. In turn, by educating these providers, we hope to ultimately improve pediatric medical outcomes in the region.
I have been working in this region for the past 3 years with some of my colleagues. We have developed a report with the hospital and local providers with intentions of ultimately improving provider education

Expected Impact

We propose that a structured approach to acute pediatric care will contribute to improved patient outcomes. This will be a novel approach to advanced medical provider education in Belize. If successful, we would like to offer this curriculum in other regions in Belize. We plan on making the curriculum publicly available so that it may be adapted to clinical contexts outside of Belize where non-specialty trained practitioners can incorporate this curriculum into their practice as a means of providing structure and improving patient outcomes.

Trip Photos & Recap

This was an educational trip targeting the emergency providers at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Those in attendance were physicians and nurses. We taught about pediatric dermatologic, ocular, ear, nose, and throat emergencies and diabetic ketoacidosis in the pediatric population. We practiced concepts using medical simulation and even made a game show to solidify concepts learned in the course.These providers are being empowered in their provision of pediatric emergency care in Belize.