Vi Nguyen, MD
Vi Nguyen, MD
Pediatrics · San Diego, CA

Andahuaylillas, Peru: Pediatrics

April 20th
Andahuaylillas, Peru

Project Description

I will travel to provide Pediatric expertise and assistance to the Kaiser Family Practice Residency Global Outreach trip to Andahuaylillas Peru. This trip will focus medical assistance for the town of Andahuaylillas, where the children are primarily of Quechua descent. I will provide expertise/consultation in pediatric infectious disease, sexually transmitted disease, dental caries, dermatologic conditions, and will organize / lead the CME portion of the trip.

Population Served

Quechua population. There are less resources available to this indigenous population, and they have limited community health partners. They suffer a higher burden of disease.

Expected Impact

We will provide clinic, healthy fair and home visit care. I will present this experience to our pediatric department, and hopefully create a long-standing pediatric partnership with the Kaiser Global Health Program.

Trip Photos & Recap

Our group saw about 700 Quechuan patients, and 300 pediatric patients. We delivered high quality evidenced based care to them, dispensing the same thorough care including medicines, counseling, wound dressing and Physical Therapy that we would in the US. I believe we delievered culturally sensitive care as well. In particular, we saw several pediatric patients that we were able to also obtain virtual specialty advice including a rare case of congenital conjunctival epibulbar dermoid by our US based pediatric ophthalmologist and congenital knuckle pads by our dermatologist. We dispensed many doses of antiparasitics, and had about 7 cases of pediatric moderate-severe bacterial infections like pneumonia that required antibiotics. We delivered 100 home care packages/first aid kits to families, and 60 backpacks with school supplies to the neediest children that were donated by a San Diego based Girl Scout Troop. Thank you Doximity for making this trip possible. I can't express enough what an impact this service/medical trip has made on my personally. I has reminded me the beauty of medicine, and has given me renewed sense of purpose in my work.