Shama Patel, MD
Shama Patel, MD
Emergency Medicine · New York, NY

Building EM in Ethiopia and Rwanda

October 20th
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, kigali. Rwanda

Project Description

In Ethiopia I will be working with the Moh and WHO to implement the emergency care toolkit as a basis for starting a robust emergency medicine program within Ethiopia. This is crucial for any country looking begining to build Emergency Medicine as a specialty. In Rwanda I will be continuing my work training emergency physicians and leading didatics and hands on training and simulation to the new residents.

Population Served

In Rwanda the beneficiaries will be the emergency medicine residents but also the university of rwanda. We will be training local staff on teaching and simulation. In Ethiopia the government and university will benefit and be trained on the WHO standardized emergency triage system which will hopefully reach the entire country.

Expected Impact

Training residents and staff at the local university will ensure sustainablity as the knowledge will be instituationalized into the residents practice and they will teach that to junior residents and residents of other specialities. In Ethiopia the training will serve to change the conversation on emergency care and standardized the triage system which is proven to a more effective way of categorizing patients for better care.

Trip Photos & Recap

During the training in Ethiopia we implemented a train the trainer model of the WHO basic emergency course to emergency specialist in the capital. These specialist will now go to the regions and teach other leaders who will than go to the health center and teach those at the front line basic emergency care. During the disaster management course field triage and emergency command structures were taught. I also implemented a mass causality drill with the participants that was a huge success and provided a great deal of rich discussion. We trained over 70 people in disaster management and over 20 as master train the trainers for the basic emergency care course in just 2 weeks.