Jennifer Lake
Jennifer Lake
Certified Nurse Midwife · Aurora, CO

Mentor Haiti Midwives

April 10th
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Project Description

I plan to utilize my expertise and experience to serve 2nd Mile Haiti. I will mentor Haitian midwives as they open their new free standing birth center.

Population Served

Pregnant women and newborns in Haiti would directly benefit from this project. A devastating 75% of Haitian women do not have access to maternal and newborn healthcare resulting in tragic outcomes. I desire to help educate the local care providers in providing safe and accessible care to women and newborns.

Expected Impact

The expected impact is to volunteer my services and support in their efforts to ultimately reduce the number of children living in orphanages by empowering the caregivers of this vulnerable population. The local midwives can learn how to reduce maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality such as postpartum hemorrhages and other common complications experienced in labor and delivery. By educating the local midwives, women can have access to safer care and improved outcomes.

Trip Photos & Recap

The local midwives at Strong Start Maternity Center in Haiti who were taught ultrasound skills, positioning laboring women to facilitate birth, emergency drills, etc which will ultimately impact the health and safety of the local Haitian women and their newborns