Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist · Mount Pleasant, IA

Solanus Medical Mission September 2019

September 21st
Comayagua, Honduras

Project Description

Our surgical team plans to run 4 ORs per day at the host hospital in Comayagua, Honduras. Our surgical specialties include Orthopedic, General Surgery, Podiatry, and Gynecology. All of the surgical care is provided free of charge to the patients. Our team provides care to those who have no hope for surgical intervention because they either don't have access or don't have the finances to obtain such services.

Population Served

The poorest of the poor in Comayagua, Honduras will be served. Our team will provide free surgical care to about 100 patients during our weeklong trip. The patients we serve have no or very limited access to any health care services. Many of the patients lack basic necessities such as food, water, housing, sanitation, etc. Many live in the mountains and have to travel several days on a very limited budget to receive care from our team. Our team also provides surgical care to some of the local orphans. It is a privilege and honor to use our talents and resources to serve those in desperate need.

Expected Impact

The impact of this trip is that many patients will receive free surgical care to correct their various problems. Our surgical team also provides education to local Honduran physicians so that they can better serve their own people. Solanus Medical Mission has had a hand in starting physical therapy, mother/baby, and clubfeet programs in the area. We also spend time at a local orphanage visiting the children and handing out small gifts, clothes, coloring books, soccer balls, etc.

Trip Photos & Recap

The patients we provided surgical and medical care for were the poorest of the poor in Comayagua, Honduras. They were very patient, kind, grateful, loving, and appreciative of the care they received. Without surgical teams from the US, these patients would have to struggle through life without the hope of having their medical/surgical problems corrected.