Melissa (Snyder) Richardson, DO
Melissa (Snyder) Richardson, DO
General Surgery · Lansing, MI

Pignon, Haiti. Surgery

February 1st
Pignon, Haiti

Project Description

I plan to participate in surgical care with local Haitian Surgeons. The primary mission is to help in training Haitian surgeons to perform cases independantly and to provide contined care year round. This is our teams first exposure to this hospital and these surgeons. Our goal is to get hands on surgical exposure to the facilities and learn the needs of the facility to better serve them in future trips.

Population Served

The local population of Pignon, Haiti as well as referral based cases from the surrounding countryside. Patients come to this facility from hours away to receive care that is based on their ability to pay. Some recieve care for no charge, others pay as they are able.

Expected Impact

I hope to learn how we as a team can best serve these Haitian physicians to provided care year round, even when mission teams are not present. This is to be accomplished by didatic leactures, clinical rounds, and directs surgical training. If you give a man a fish....

Trip Photos & Recap

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. I have had the privilege over the past 6 years to travel there annually to perform surgical missions. The people are incredibly grateful and loving, despite having next to nothing. We were able to perform surgery, endoscopy and wound care. We also delivered food to some of the poorest people in the world. The funds doximity donated allowed us to put more funds to supplies and food for the beautiful people of Haiti. I am forever grateful.