Patricia Ajayi-Fox, MD
Patricia Ajayi-Fox, MD
Internal Medicine · Philadelphia, PA

Supporting Medical Training in Guyana

January 16th
Georgetown, Guyana

Project Description

GPHC is the largest public hospital in Guyana located in Georgetown Guyana. As an internal medicine resident, I was part of a global health track and got to train with the GPHC internal medicine residents for four months out of my medical training. There seemed to be interest in increased gastroenterology and hepatology specialty training. Now as a second year gastroenterology fellow, I want to return to help with teaching of gastroenterology and hepatology topics. It will make a difference as the internal medicine residents already have a strong base in general medicine but their sub specialty training still has room for improvement as there are not many Guyanese Gastroenterologists. I plan to give lectures, as well as have a few gastroenterology clinics, and round with the team as a consultant on any GI/Liver related issues.

Population Served

The internal medicine residents will benefit from this project because they have limited exposure to gastroenterologists in their training. Additionally the patients will benefit as there are no gastroenterology clinics and few subspecialists in the public hospital

Expected Impact

The expected impact is to increase the ability of the Guyanese residents to manage patients with gastroenterology and hepatology related issues
-increase interest in the sub specialty of gastroenterology in internal medicine residents in the hopes that more Guyanese can be trained in this and offer this to their patients

Trip Photos & Recap

I had the pleasure of working closely with the internal medicine residents at GPHC and administering their GI curriculum, as well as doing floor consults, and outpatient GI clinic with them