Beth D'Amico, MD
Beth D'Amico, MD
Pediatric Emergency Medicine · Houston, TX

POCUS for critically ill children in Puerto Rico

January 6th
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Project Description

We plan to implement an educational curriculum to teach pediatric bedside ultrasound to help physician diagnose and manage life threatening conditions. Our curriculum targets early identification and diagnosis of the most common tropical diseases seen in children in Puerto Rico. We will be leading a series of conferences followed by hands-on workshops with models to practice procedures. We will round in the critical care units (emergency room, intensive care unit, cardiac intensive car unit) with the local staff and teach ultrasound.
All training will be held in Spanish.

Population Served

This project will benefit the sickest children in Puerto Rico since this educational project is being held in the largest referral public hospital of the island.
We will train pediatric emergency medicine physicians, general pediatricians, pediatric residents, pediatric critical care fellows, faculty and nurses.
Latin America has an increase need for specialized and advanced medical training. Puerto Rico has a critical shortage of pediatric critical care and pediatric emergency medicine physicians. This curriculum will strengthen the skills of general physicians that work in critical care areas and improve their training program.

Expected Impact

This mission will be part of an educational curriculum designed to help identify life threatening conditions at the bedside and give physicians tools to improve pediatric care and procedural guidance. After the initial training, we will review scans remotely and offer guidance and feedback to continue to fine tune their skills.
After participants have reached competence in their POCUS skills, they will develop their own training program and teach the next group of medical providers.

Trip Photos & Recap

We worked with general pediatricians, pediatric emergency physicians, neonatal and pediatric critical care doctors from San Juan. We had interactive lectures, practice sessions with models and one on one scanning around the hospital.