Jason Collins, DO
Jason Collins, DO
General Surgery · Lansing, MI

Surgery in Ghana

February 18th
Accra, Ghana

Project Description

I plan to provide surgical services to an underdeveloped area in Ghana. Types of surgeries include but not limited to thyroidectomy and inguinal/umnilical hernia repair, and anything else that would need my service.

Population Served

Small community in Ghana. My attending has been visiting this location for multiple years and allows other collegues and residents to join her and help the community, medically.

Expected Impact

Offer services that are not available at a moments notice. I will help treat and cure ailments that may never be treated if I do not go.

Trip Photos & Recap

The people of Winneba, Ghana and the surrounding area were treated for long term issues such as hernias, goiters, fibroid uterus, and other longstanding issues.