Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist · Mount Pleasant, IA

Surgical mission trip to Comayagua, Honduras

April 23rd
Comayagua, Honduras

Project Description

Our team will be providing surgical care to the very poor during our one week mission in April 2022. All of the patients we serve are very poor and cannot afford surgical care. We provide compassionate surgical care free of charge so that patients can have their surgical problem corrected without having to deal with the financial burden.

Population Served

•Families with income of less that $200 per month
•Single mothers and their children
•Senior citizens with no family support
•The homeless, handicapped, and mentally ill
•Residents of homes for children and the elderly
•Manual laborers without professional degrees or titles
•The malnourished, abused, and neglected
•Those who lack adequate housing
•Those who live in remote rural areas, engage in subsistence farming for survival, and members of indigenous tribes

This population is important to our team because they are the most vulnerable and need our help the most. They are also the least likely to be able to afford surgical care.

Expected Impact

The impact of this trip is that our team provides life-changing surgeries to patients. Many of the patients we care for have physical limitations due to their medical conditions. By correcting the physical needs of each patient, we allow them to return back to a more functional lifestyle so that they have a greater ability to provide for themselves and their families.

We educate patients on postoperative care so they have the greatest chance to heal in a timely fashion. We also consult the necessary ancillary services such as physical therapy so patients can regain their functional ability after surgery.

Trip Photos & Recap

Our surgical team screened 185 poor patients during the week. Some patients didn't have problems that needed to be surgically corrected. Out of the 185, our team completed 133 surgeries free of charge to these poor patients. The patients must first go through a screening process by the hospital and must financially qualify for the free services our team provides.