Nicklaus Brandehoff, MD
Nicklaus Brandehoff, MD
Emergency Medicine · Littleton, CO

Guinea 2022 Snakebite Clinic Trip

June 20th
Kindia, Guinea

Project Description

The Asclepius Snakebite Foundation has been working towards opening a clinic in Kindia, Guinea. Our work over the last 3 years has culminated in the clinic opening in June 2022. Our clinic will focus on the treatment of snakebite envenomations in a region that is heavily affected by this neglected tropical disease. This trip will focus on being there for the opening of the clinic, provided new supplies to our team on the ground, and providing ongoing training to health care providers in Guinea.

Population Served

Guinea is one of the poorest nations in Africa, with a large percentage of snakebite victims coming from the lowest socioeconomic tiers of the region as they work in farming fields. Our clinic is aimed at providing care to this population. It is the only snakebite clinic in the country.

Expected Impact

We treat 500 - 700 snakebites per year with many of the snakebites coming from some of the most dangerous snakes in the world. This trip will help to continue our ongoing efforts in the region. This clinic will be used as a proof of concept to the rest of West Africa and provide a training center for several other teams to learn out to treat snakebites in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and the Republic of the Congo.

Trip Photos & Recap

During our 14 day trip, we were able to provide 12 days of education about snakebite treatments in a rural setting, provide 400 pounds of supplies, 200 vials of antivenom, and continue to bulid partnerships in a region that is largely neglected by other nonprofits.