Sally Stander, MD
Sally Stander, MD
Anesthesiology · Chapel Hill, NC

Malawi 2022

August 26th
Lilongwe, Malawi

Project Description

I will be traveling to Lilongwe, Malawi to teach anesthesia techniques to the clinical officers and trainees at Kamuzu Central Hospital. As part of a global anesthesia rotation at UNC, I will be supervising an anesthesia resident from the US who will be learning about anesthesia practice with scarce resources. Also I will be introducing and orienting a pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist from UNC to the program. This will be a great benefit for the pediatric patient population. The residents will provide lectures and simulation sessions with the trainees in Malawi. I also provide a regional anesthesia workshop, introducing ultrasound guided techniques to the clinical officers. This helps improve the safety and analgesic management of patients in Lilongwe. I offer hands on training as well as classroom lectures. I will be bringing a donated ultrasound to leave with the officers at KCH. I will continue teaching obstetric anesthesia and management of hemorrhage in this population.

Population Served

The anesthesia officers and students in Malawi will benefit from the education and training we provide to enhance their existing curriculum. Also, the anesthesia residents that are coming with me will benefit from the experience with improved medical care in underserved areas and an increase in global need. Lastly the citizens of Malawi will be provided with improved care over the long term as we are committed to ongoing training to the local officers providing care.

Expected Impact

Our presence has a significant impact on the anesthesia officers in Malawi. We are supporting one clinical officer who is pursuing a degree in medicine and will be come the 2nd MD anesthesiologist in the entire community.
We are also participating in a study to improve pediatric ICU care which is an area in great need. A large part of our mission is education of the local officers. They will be assigned to very isolated district hospitals throughout the country and we are hoping to improve care throughout Malawi, not just at the central hospital in Lilongwe.

Trip Photos & Recap

We were so happy to finally have the chance to return to Lilongwe after many delays due to Covid. We were greeted by a class of 32 anesthesia students who were so eager to learn. Our simulation sessions were their favorite. Practicing CPR and managing difficult airways are essential skills that they rarely have the chance to perform. Simulation is a great way educational tool which allows them to practice and gain confidence with life saving skills.