Robin Kamal, MD
Robin Kamal, MD
Orthopaedic Surgery · Redwood City, CA

Vietnam Capacity Buildinf

August 14th
Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Project Description

I will work with the local surgeons at 175 Hospital to teach and learn surgical techniques, discuss research projects, and provide lectures to the local Orthopaedic surgeons.

Population Served

The Vietnamese population will benefit from improved capacity for Orthopaedic care at the 175 Hospital. Similarly, we will continue building our relationship with the local Orthopaedic community to improve care delivery country wide.

Expected Impact

Impact will be through improved Orthopaedic care that leads to improved patient outcomes, decreased patient morbidity and mortality. And the development of programs to train future surgeons

Trip Photos & Recap

This trip served as a capacity building trip focused on bidirectional education and long-term partnership. Though we participated in co-surgery of complex cases, our time was spent mostly providing lectures as well as moderating lectures from the local faculty orthopaedic surgeons. Our impact is not measured by patients we cared for during this trip, but by the improvement in technical skills and education of the local surgeons and their treatment of the local population.