Sasha Hernandez, MD
Sasha Hernandez, MD
Resident Physician · New York, NY

Laparoscopic Gynecological Training: Part III

August 14th
Santiago, Dominican Republic

Project Description

Laparoscopic surgery for women is the standard of care across the world. Compared to open surgery there are known better outcomes for women including faster healing time and decreased risk of infections. Additionally, the ability for women to go home the same day allows both for patients and hospital to decrease their costs from a public health perspective. We will be bringing the standard of care to a public teaching hospital in Santiago, Dominican Republic by training local doctors in laparoscopic surgery. In this return trip, we will continue to work with OB/GYN residents as they continue to develop their surgical skills. In addition, we are excited to bring and install new technology in the ORs in order to help train in laparoscopic surgery remotely. This new technology will allow our team to continue surgical training while we are in the US.

Population Served

This project will benefit two direct populations. In order to bring the standard of care local doctors must have the skills to perform laparoscopic surgery and our efforts will provide those skills to OB/GYNs in Santiago, Dominican Republic. The women seeking surgeries at a public hospital will then greatly benefit from receiving the standard of care.

Expected Impact

This is a 100% sustainable project as we have partnered with local physicians in Santiago, Dominican Republic in order to build key partnerships and for the surgical training to continue once our team is not on ground.

Trip Photos & Recap

We continued to train residents and support junior attendings in gynecologic surgical skills. Training the current workforce to provide laparoscopic surgery continues to positively impact the health of the women they care for.