Russell Memhard, PA
Russell Memhard, PA
General Surgery · Albany, NY

Worldwide Healing Hands Cambodia 2023

January 21st
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Project Description

In January we are planning a medical mission to Cambodia. The goal is to provide educational opportunities such as laparoscopic surgical training to local providers and help improve the quality of healthcare primarily for women and children. We also plan on seeing, screening and providing general surgical treatment not readily available to the local population such as thyroidectomies for goiters.

Population Served

The focus of the mission is to improve the health of underserved women and children and to create sustainable programs that will continue to provide necessary care. We will work in Phnom Penh and more rural Preah Vihear.

Expected Impact

Aside from the patients and local medical providers who will benefit from our trip, perhaps the biggest impact is generating interest in medical missions in my local medical community. A number of providers have expressed interest or signed up for missions after hearing about a recent mission to Rwanda.

Trip Photos & Recap

Cambodia 2023
The Worldwide Healing Hands (WHH) Mission to Cambodia was successful! We were able to perform gynecological surgery and cancer screening as well as general surgical thyroidectomies to a large number of patients. We also provided lectures, training and equipment to local surgeons, residents and students. We worked at the Soviet - Khmer Friendship Hospital in Phnom Penh and 16 Makara Hospital in Preah Vihear. Through lectures as well as hands on training and donations of equipment we hopefully are providing a lasting legacy of improved health care to the people of Cambodia.