Chamroeun Heng, MD
Chamroeun Heng, MD
Internal Medicine · Modesto, CA


January 24th
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Project Description

I am an internal medicine physician, plan to participate in providing medical care as well health education to underserved population in remote provinces in Cambodia. CHPAA provides medical, dental, surgical care for free of charge.

Population Served

We reach out to areas that are extremely underserved in medical care. Patients lack basic knowledge about their health and how to maintain healthy lifestyle. We also diagnose many of under diagnosed chronic conditions such as HTN, diabetes, renal disease, stroke as people there have no access to healthcare. As result, we provide health education, short term medications, and referral to local clinics to continuity of health maintenance.

Expected Impact

I expect health education that we provide will lead patients to better health and more control of their chronic diseases. Uncovering their chronic diseases will help prevent them from progressing further and can be costly to the patients.

Trip Photos & Recap

In January 2023, I joined the CHPAA mission to provide free medical care to communities in Banteay Meanchey province in Cambodia. Many of our patients were seniors who were left behind by their younger relatives who had left to cities for jobs. Most of the younger patients were farmers. They all rarely had seen healthcare provider before due to poverty. I treated acute illnesses such as infectious diseases, gastropathies, musculoskeletal and joint pain, chronic diseases including hypertension and diabetes.
I strongly emphasized on health education, self care, and health maintenance. In some unfortunate cases of debilitating stroke, and metastatic cancers, I took the time to explain to them their diseases and prognosis, and the best path forward to avoid wasting money on seeking cures promised by some traditional healers.
Although the care was limited to resources and circumstances, I feel like the patients benefited from not only getting medications but also knowledge of preventative measures and self care that will be long lasting and potentially have bigger impact on their communities.