Anteneh Zewde, MD
Anteneh Zewde, MD
Internal Medicine · Minneapolis, MN

Rheumatic Heart disease

January 4th
Arsi, Ethiopia

Project Description

I have started a rheumatic heart disease screening project using hand held ultrasound. Project started last year. We cant to continue to train screeners and make them competent. Children with positive screen will be confirmed with cardiology and followed. We have already linked kids needing heart procedure to the cardiac center of Ethiopia.

Population Served

Children from 8-18 years. 5-9% of this age group has asymptomatic RHD and ultrasound screening can detect it early with an opportunity to stop further advance. This is by far the most impactful project I have every been part of.

Expected Impact

We are setting year round screening with knowledge transfer and collaboration witj a plan to do yearly travel with interventional cardiologist from US to help with surgical intervention and teaching local sfaff.

Trip Photos & Recap

My self and a couple of my colleagues from University of Minnesota Went to a Rural School in Ethiopia to Screen for Rheumatic Heart Disease. We thank doximity for supporting this effort. We are applying for more Gants and collaborating with the cardiac center of Ethiopia to continue screening for RHD and saving children one school at a time.