Dox Foundation
Trip Recap and Photo Guidelines

Who sees what I write?

Dox Foundation summaries are proactively shared with all Doximity members. As America’s largest professional healthcare network, Doximity reaches more than 1 million licensed clinicians, including 70% of U.S. physicians. Your piece may be seen in the Doximity newsfeed and has a high likelihood of being shared in weekly emails to our members. Approved mission trips and recaps are also listed on the Dox Foundation website which is visible to the public.

How long should my piece be?

Your summary should be between 500 - 700 words and provide a highlight reel of your time abroad. Please be sure that any stories you share about patients are HIPAA-compliant by omitting all names and identifying information. Do not submit an advertisement or anything vitriolic in nature.

What should I focus on in my summary?

Your trip will have its own page on the Foundation site. Your project proposal will already be included as a tee up. As a reminder, the project proposal has three sections: project description, population served and expected impact. The trip recap and photos are in addition to the information you listed in the proposal. Some guidelines:

Start from what you wrote in your application to set the backdrop of the country to provide context for readers.

  • Have you been there before? Why are you going there?
  • What is the biggest need within your specialty in the country you traveled to? Were there other unique needs that the hospital/region you visited had that you weren’t aware of before traveling there?
  • Was it a clinical, developmental, or educational trip?

New information that you gained after your trip (this is what we want to hear about!):

  • Focus on a specific story that stuck with you
  • Focus on a special patient experience (i.e. seeing a patient you had previously treated on an earlier trip etc.)
  • What was the most memorable part of the trip?
  • If it was an educational trip, what was effective in teaching and what will you change for next time?

Do you have any examples of great project recaps?

We do! Below are a just a few of the fantastic write ups physicians have sent us about their mission trips.

Can I view my project proposal?

No problem. Log on to the Dox Foundation website using your Doximity username and password. From the upper right corner, just click on your name. There you will find your project(s).

How many photos should I submit?

We suggest submitting a minimum of 5 photos and at least one selfie. Please feel free to submit more if you have them available. Photos with people as subjects really help tell the story.

Have any suggestions on what photos work best?

Think “travel magazine” - try to capture the essence of the mission through faces, procedures and surroundings. If your photos are taken on your phone, please take a horizontal image.

  1. Portray people as you would like to be portrayed -- Ensure that people are built up by your photos, both your subjects and those who will see your photos later. Be respectful of patients
  2. Show the truth in your photos -- this means show both joy and hardship, the real balance
  3. Avoid government buildings, the military, law enforcement officers, etc. -- common sense is king here
  4. Take a selfie! We want to see you in action!
  5. Most of all, your photos should inspire others

* We assume you have permission from those in the photo to use their likeness

Should I include anything else?

Yes! Please include a 50-60 word short bio of yourself that we may include at the end of each trip summary. If you were working with other U.S. physicians, please include their names so that we can tag them in the article.

* We reserve the right to edit and re-title your piece.